Although there was a snowy morning commute, the eastbound portion of the I-70 Fulton Bridges replacement project went forward as planned.

Swank Construction revealed the signs, blocked the highway with orange barrels and got started in mid-morning.

The project is almost a mirror image of the westbound portion, which wrapped up two months ago.

But it has one serious complication: it will take drivers and first responders longer to get to Wheeling Hospital. 

So they have been given a special detour—east through the Wheeling Tunnel, then onto US 250 South (known as the 16th Street loop), then crossing over to the McCulloch Street Extension and across the Peninsula.

“That was one alternate we were able to provide for them,” said Mike Witherow, District 6 construction engineer. “I will note they are going to have to cross over the southbound direction of the McCulloch Extension. So I want to urge motorists on McCulloch Street to bear in mind, they may encounter emergency vehicles on certain occasions.”

For the rest of the traveling public, there are two recommended detours.

I-470 is the “through” detour for drivers who are passing through this area.

And US 40 is the local detour.

That’s Wheeling Hill—the same detour used in the last project, but going east instead of west.