A third-party administrator working with Trinity Health System experienced a security breach, putting thousands of patients’ confidential information at risk.

CaptureRX had the breach earlier this month which is affecting about 9,000 residents of Dennison Ohio and some around Tuscarawas County.

The information involved included patients’ names, birth dates, prescription information, and medical record numbers.

Trinity Health System Market Director of Marketing and Communications Laurie Labishak said the breach did not affect Trinity Health System as a whole, as the breach was only with the third-party administrator.

She also said if you were one of those affected, CaptureRX will have reached out to you.

“They would have received a letter directly from CaptureRX giving them information about their next steps. So if you have not received a letter from CaptureRX, you likely are not included in the breach. So only those who have received the letter are included.”

Laurie Labishak – Trinity Health System Market Director – Marketing and Communications

CaptureRX is reviewing all policies and procedures to help prevent this from happening again.