BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) — They held a meeting tonight to discuss the future of the small town, with a focus on what the city needs and what the citizens want to see.

The held a two hour long session, hosted by vision Shadyside, to bring stakeholders within the city together. They were tasked with the question, “what is Shadyside’s brand?”

To that, many said pride, athletics, some even mentioned the “loop.” But– many pointed out the decline in population and the need for infrastructure upgrades.

They say the next step is to put a plan in place for growth and the future of Shadyside.

What I wanted to do is to get stakeholders in the room from all factions of this community, get here, figure out what we needed to do and move our community forward.


I hope they realize that Shadyside is trying to make an effort. We’re wanting to move forward. We’re wanting to have people realize that we can improve as a community, and we welcome new people to move into Shadyside.


Vision Shadyside created a webpage that you can go to right now that shows current projects they are working on. These currently include things like baseball field upgrades, the possibility of a tech school, and trail renovations. Simply visit WWW.VISIONSHADYSIDE.COM