A sobriety checkpoint is scheduled for Friday (tonight) by the West Virginia State Police.

A sobriety checkpoint is expected to be held in Tyler County on Rt 18 at the entrance of Tyler Consolidated High School, WV.

The checkpoint will be held between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. The West Virginia State Police says this checkpoint will be conducted to deter drunk driving in this area.

Motorists wishing to avoid having to travel through the checkpoint on Rt 18 can simply drive around the checkpoint by traveling on the following routes: Traveling south on Route 18, motorists can take West Virginia secondary route 18/4 (Pleasant Ridge) to County Road 24 (Sellers Ridge Road), and traveling north on Rt 18 motorist can take County Road 18/6 (State Ridge Road) to County Route 11 (Elk Fork Road) to WV route 180. Motorists traveling South on WV Route 180 can take County Route 11 (Elk Fork Road) to 18/6 (State Ridge Road).

State Police say it is not the intention to inconvenience any of the motoring public but to make the highways safer for those traveling in West Virginia.

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