Moundsville, W.Va. (WTRF) – We’re inching ever closer to Samhain, and Spooky Steve has returned to the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville.

Last year, he explored their legendary haunted house, the Dungeon of Horrors, but this year, he’s going into the bowels of the prison itself. And he’s brought some special guests with him…his mom and sister. Will Steve pay for this come Christmas? Time will tell.

Officially known as the West Virginia Penitentiary, the facility opened back in 1866. It was in operation for the next 129 years before finally closing in 1995.

During that time, it played host to some of the most vile and contemptible individuals on the planet, from murderers, to rapists and child abusers. It was also the site of 998 documented deaths, along with untold numbers of paranormal encounters.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like the Shadow Man, or orbs or anything, but a lot of noises. I’ve been grabbed, touched. When I had longer hair and it was in a pony tail I’d feel it being grabbed. Not like pulling, or anything, but a little tug or so.”

BETH ALLEN, WTRF Director, Previously worked at the Penitentiary

Joining Steve on his family outing was none other than WTRF director extraordinaire Beth Allen. Beth’s grandfather Tom Stiles runs the Penitentiary, and she’s spent countless hours working there herself. One night while closing up, Beth had a very creepy encounter.

“I just felt, like, a grab on my ankle, but the weird thing was I felt individual fingers almost…I thought it was someone messing with me…”


Promises of paranormal activity have kept the Penitentiary active nearly 30 years after its closure.
It has attracted ghost hunters and thrill seekers from across the world, bringing in tens of thousands of visitors to Marshall County each year.

You can walk around hot spots like the psych ward and the infirmary, or take a stroll though endless amounts of prison blocks, with conditions so brutal they’re not even legal anymore.

You can walk through the old chapel. It was intended to be used by any religion, including the large number of prisoners who were self-described Satanists, who reportedly conducted animal sacrifices.

The spooky facility is even making a believer out of Spooky Steve’s sister, Madison. While walking out near the chapel, she thought she saw something moving in one of the penitentiary’s towers.

The West Virginia Penitentiary offers a wide variety of tours to chose from. There are history-focused daytime tours, unguided tours at night to really ratchet up the horror, their incredible haunted house, and many more. You can book your trip by visiting

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Spooky Steve will return next Friday on 7NEWS at 5 for a ghost hunt at the White Gate Cemetery.