Fifty to one hundred veterans turned out for St. Clairsville Middle and High School’s Veterans Day assembly Friday morning.

Some of the veterans were relatives of students, others just members of the community.

Students welcomed them with musical selections, speeches and even an interpretive dance featuring a young Abraham Lincoln.

It was a learning experience for children and adults alike.

“We talk about how to conduct yourself during the playing of the National Anthem, we have patriotic songs, we have skits and activities put on by the middle schoolers, we have speeches by middle schoolers on some patriotic theme.”

Michael Sienski, Vietnam era veteran

“They’re here today because sometime along the path of their life, they were called to defend our freedom. When our country called, your loved one answered, here I am. I will serve.”

Matt Wood, Gulf War veteran

Students described their own ideas of what a veteran is. One veteran said they are people who are willing to lay down their life for their country. Another said they are people who have suffered lasting injury–physical or mental–after what they’ve seen and endured.

Veteran’s Day is always on November 11th. It was originally called Armistice Day.