Taking a shower during a storm? …think again


(WTRF) — With thunderstorms moving into the area, the risk of being struck by lightning increases. 

The chances of being struck by lightning may seem like they’re one in a million, but that isn’t true. 

You have a one in 500,000 chance of being stuck by lightning.  

About 24,000 people are killed by lightning each year, and over 240,000 are injured annually.  

So, here are a few tips to stay safe. 

The safest place to be during a thunderstorm is indoors.  

Most of your house will be safe but try to avoid getting a shower or doing the dishes during a storm. 

The electrical charge could enter your home through pipes and electrify the water. 

If you are unable to get inside, try to find a low-lying area. 

Lightning strikes the tallest objects so avoid areas where you are the tallest object. 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the deadliest place to be during a lightning storm is out in the open. 

Standing under a tree is not a great idea either as the lightning can strike the tree and harm you in the process. 

If the storm has passed, wait about 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder as lightning can still strike when the storm is 10 miles away. 

An easy tip to remember is, “When thunder roars, go indoors” 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a good idea to lay down on the ground during a lightning storm as the electricity can spread once a bolt hits the ground.   

Instead, crouch on the ground with your head down. 

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