The Belmont County Sheriff’s Residence Museum….is now the Belmont County Heritage Museum

County Tourism officials say the museum contains relics and memorabilia from every corner of the county–from Bellaire to Barnesville, and from Somerton to Temperanceville.

And they wanted its name to more accurately reflect the county’s diverse heritage, from farming to manufacturing to healing.

Barb Ballint, Executive Director, Tourism:  It has everything from the Colerain area out to the Barnesville Somerton Hendrysburg area. So we are now going to have a wonderful display of the Ruth Bryant McGuire School of Nursing that we once had in the City of Martins Ferry. And the archives from that are just unbelievable and we’re excited to get that on display also.
he museum, beside the Belmont County Courthouse, is open 10 to four, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…through the end of November.

Guests are given a booklet and can take a self-guided tour.

They’ll see a replica of the U-S-S Constitution, and items from Frizzi’s Market, Imperial Glass, the Stratton Flour Mill, and many other long-gone attractions.

They plan to host numerous bus tours in the near future.