ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – It’s a big day to shop, whether you have some gifts to take back, exchange, or even a little cash to spend. The Ohio Valley mall is filled up with families closing out their holiday weekend.   

It might be the rush to spend those gift cards or a little left over Christmas spirit, either way the day after the holidays is commonly spent at shopping centers.  

One shopper says it’s best to get it done and over with, that way everyone has the correct sizes or items and is happy.  

I got the daughter here taking stuff back that was the wrong size or was just not what she wanted and she’s just bringing stuff back. Yeah, that’s the bad thing, only bad thing about me having to come is I caught all the good sales and then I got to pay for them.

Craig Rudolph, Ohio Valley Mall Shopper

Unfortunately, some items can arrive broken. One father is making the switch with one of his son’s presents.

Todays the day to get out and about if you’re trying to return stuff for sure. I got this lava lamp at Spencer’s for my boy. I went to plug it in and just some stuff in the bottom is not working right so they’re going to exchange it for us and hopefully will fix it today.

Marcus Mcconn, Ohio Valley Mall Shopper

This family has made it a tradition. They say they enjoy the Ohio Valley Mall and always stop by before heading back home.  

We’re shopping for after Christmas items. It’ a tradition, we come here every year after Christmas.

Cyndi Mills, Ohio Valley Mall Shopper

And who could forget about all those ends of the year holiday sales? There are signs in almost every store window.