WASHINGTON, Pa. (WTRF) — Video game lovers could not be more excited about a new store that just opened at Washington Crowne Center on West Chestnut Street in Washington, PA.

It’s game on at Iron Blast Game Zone for gamers who are incredibly passionate about the past and the present.

It’s an explosion of color. It’s a burst of nostalgia. It’s looking back in time sort of kind of, but only
kind of, because you also have the modern stuff. It’s a mixture of old and new.

Jonathan Baker, Iron Blast Employee

Iron Blast is the largest video store in the United States at more than 11,000 square feet.

Employee Jonathan Baker enjoys retro video games like Super Nintendo.

My dad had a Super Nintendo with Super Mario World and ever since then I fell down the rabbit hole, but now I get to share that passion with other people who come in here. I get to not only helpthem find what they’re looking for, but I get to ask them. Hey, what’s your favorite game? Whatdid you grow uo playing? What are you looking for?

Jonathan Baker, Iron Blast Employee

Like Baker, Mike Bell, who is also a gaming enthusiast, doesn’t enjoy modern video games as much as he does the ones he’s played in the past.

I bought some retro game consoles, and I just wanted to get back on playing it again and just
back like like it was whenever I was younger.

Mike Bell, Gaming Enthusiast

Customers, like Bell, say it checks all of the boxes. The video store itself, CHECK, trade-in value and selection, CHECK AND CHECK.

Patrons are already commenting on the store’s Facebook page, providing some rave reviews, a 10 out of 10.

I say it’s a 10 out of 10 because it’s a lot cheaper than most places and you can find more

Mike Bell, Gaming Enthusiast

This one-of-a-kind video store is because of Iron Blast owner,Corey Garner, whose business may have started out small, but has now morphed into his mega store that is larger than life.

It’s an experience. We’re all about the experience. It’s nostalgia overload as soon as you walk in
the door. We’ve got classic Pokémon, Mortal Kombat. We’ve got toys, video games. Everything you could possibly want. If you want to nerd out, it’s here.

Corey Garner, Iron Blast Owner

This store has a full arcade.

There are wall-to-wall pinball machines.

Popular pinball machines like Iceball and Hercules are a few favorites.

Garner says Hercules is one of the largest pinball machines ever made.

From the plush Pokemans’ to the vintage video gaming systems to an awesome arcade, I personally had a ball, no “pun” intended.

And like Arnold Schwarzenegger says on the”pin” ball in this arcade machine, I’ll be back.

After doing his due diligence, Garner found there is a video store in Florida that is 8-thousand square feet in size as opposed to his 11,000 square foot structure.

Garner added that he is offering a $10 day play pass to patrons who want to stick around even longer at the video store.