WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– It is hands on training that is proving to be critical when an accident occurs.

On Tuesday several groups teamed up to practice.  

Accidents unfortunately happen. That’s why when first responders get the call they want to be on their A-game.

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The Wheeling Fire Department worked on a tragic school bus scenario to ensure if it happens, they are prepared.   

Assistant Chief Dave Harmon says distracted driving is often the cause of accidents and there are many school buses on the roads, so they decided this was an appropriate mock accident to train on.   

We’re doing a simulated school bus accident. We have a car that’s rear ended underneath the school bus. We’ve been working with Ohio County schools, Ace Garage and Braden’s Towing and setting this up today. Right now, we’re working on a patient in the car.

We are working on how to get that patient out and extricate that patient, it’s been pinned underneath the underneath the rear school bus. Eventually I will move onto the school bus. How to access from the side from the top best access to get students out and use a different exit in the in the bus.

Assistant Chief Dave Harmon, Wheeling Fire Department

He says these trainings are critical for first responders.

It allows them to slow down and for instructors to explain the tactics being used.   

Harmon says they try to do as much training as possible but it’s not often they get a school bus.  

Ohio County Schools donated the old bus.  

David Crumm with Ohio County School says they often work with the fire department so both parties are able to work together efficiently in case of an emergency. 

It’s a nice collaboration to make sure if there were ever to be an incident with one of our buses that the authorities know what needs to be done.

We know where contact information is, and we know the steps that need to be followed so that the incident can be taken care of safely and as quickly as possible.

David Crumm, Administrator of Operations, Ohio County School

He says not only does this collaboration help heighten their trust in local first responders, but it also helps train their employees as well.