MARTINS FERRY, Ohio (WTRF) – It’s the sweetest festival of the summer – the Martins Ferry Strawberry Festival! 

This event is held every year on the first Saturday in June to bring the community together with strawberry crafts, treats, drinks, and so much more. 

The Strawberry Festival is sponsored by Project Forward, which is a group with the goal of revitalization and gentrification of the streets of Martins Ferry.  

This is one of two events they host each year to bring people out and support their cause. 

”The Strawberry Festival is good for the entire community. We just like to see the people that don’t get to experience Martins Ferry very often or get to see what we actually have to offer. So, the Strawberry Festival brings out a lot of people that wouldn’t necessarily come over here on a daily basis, which helps us all improve our businesses and helps our brewery grow.”

Rick Veon – Owner, Belmont Brewery

You can find out more about Project Forward on their Facebook Page.