SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — An 18-month-old girl allegedly ate candy laced with methamphetamine and had to be hospitalized, according to staff at General Hospital in Rosarito, Baja California, about 25 miles south of the border.

The toddler was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday morning.

Police say a pediatrician at the facility determined the girl had gotten sick after eating a piece of candy, and that tests revealed she had meth in her system.

The girl’s mother has been questioned by police.

According to investigators, she told them her daughter had eaten a piece of chocolate candy and that minutes later started crying uncontrollably.

The mom reportedly gave her “home remedies” that did not work and decided to take the little girl to the hospital the next morning.

According to police, the candy was in a “Riesen” chocolate candy wrapper. The candy is being kept as evidence.

Police say the mom doesn’t know where the candy came from.