A member of the United States House of Representatives, from Missouri, has introduced a bill that would stop paying members of Congress after a mass shooting.

The No Pay Until Peace Act would withhold one month’s paycheck from every Member of Congress each month there is a mass shooting in the United States, constituting four or more killings in a single incident, according to the release from Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II 

“For as long as I’ve served in Congress, despite overwhelming support for gun safety reform from the public, I’ve watched this institution fail time and time again to take any serious, meaningful action to address the scourge of gun violence plaguing communities across the country—the only industrialized country where this kind of gun violence exists,” said Congressman Cleaver.

Rep. Cleaver continued, “I’m sick and tired of seeing kids murdered at school, Americans gunned down at the supermarket or in their place of worship, and Missourians slaughtered on street corners because Congress refuses to do anything about gun violence. The time for thoughts and prayers has come and gone—now is the time for concrete action. And if lawmakers aren’t going to do their jobs to protect the American people, then they ought not receive any compensation following the inevitable next mass shooting. I don’t doubt that many of my colleagues would rather have a campaign check from the NRA than a paycheck for their obstruction in Congress—but we can’t continue with the unacceptable status quo, and this bill will, hopefully, make my colleagues across the aisle think twice before sitting on their hands while the next mass shooter plots more carnage in another community.”

Official text of the No Pay Until Peace Act is available here.