School may have just ended for the year, but Ohio County Schools are making some updates starting right now.

Ohio County Schools have created an app for something you may not have thought of… the busses.  

There are numerous features in this new app. 

The GPS in the bus can show you the location of the bus at all times.  

You can set up push notifications to get an alert on when your child’s bus is about to arrive for pick up. 

That same feature can also tell you once they have been dropped off at school. 

The app will also let you know when a different bus is running your child’s normal route, and if the bus is delayed. 

Ohio County Schools Administrator of Operations David Crumm says they are currently testing the app with summer students, but it will be accessible to everyone else at the beginning of the school year.  

“Well, when school starts up, most likely what we’ll be doing is working with the administrators, secretaries, and teachers and that’ll be something that gets passed out in homeroom.  So, on the first couple days of school, all the kids come home with their information from school.  It’ll be one of those pieces of paper they’ll have.” 

David Crumm – Ohio County Schools Administrator of Operations

He also said each student will get a unique registration code so that only their designated parents and caregivers can track with the app. 

With all of these new features it may sound pricey, but don’t worry.  This app is available to everyone for free.