There have been concerns that the US Postal Service could get overwhelmed, depending on how many mail-in ballots come in. But Congressman Bill Johnson say there doesn’t need to be.

Congressman Bill Johnson has faith in our US Postal Service. He says the post office has been given $10 B in equity line of credit loan for help. Just what they use it for is up to them.

Johnson says the $10 B just hasn’t been touched yet. But Johnson believes the US Postal Office should be able to handle all mail-in ballots, and that it shouldn’t be an issue.

“Go talk to your post office. Get the word directly from the postal service. They’ll tell you whether or not they will have a problem or not, but I’m just telling you the facts aren’t there that there’s a problem.”

Congressman Bill Johnson

Johnson says usually our Postal Service handles about 8 billion pieces of mail from January through June.

If every registered voters in America voted by mail this November, he says the volume would only increase by one day.

He adds we need postal reform and need to put them on the pathway to solvency.