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He’s an attorney and published author, but before that Jeremy McCamic was a Marine.

He spent nearly a year as a second lieutenant in Korea, seeing combat during the Korean War.

McCamic calls enlisting one of the finest things he ever did. 

“I found myself in three major battles so supplied, the Bunker Hill battle of August ’52, the Hook Battles of November ’52 and the early Spring battles of 1953,” said McCamic reading from his published book “Korea Revisited”.

It talks of the war, and his 11 months in the country, although McCamic says his service lasted until 1960 because he spent time in the reserves.

“I got commissioned in the Marine Corps the day the Korean War started,” McCamic remembers.

He completed basic training and advanced training, before being sent to Korea.

“Our troops before I got there fought through Seoul and were heading North to end the war,” he explained. “Truman stopped us at the 38th parallel.” 

McCamic said by the time of his service in Korea, the fighting had changed. 

“The early days of the war was really really bad,” he continued. “I got into the trench warfare end of it, which is tough enough, but nothing like the early days. Those guys they earned everything they got. I mean they were wonderful.”

“I got an assignment as the platoon leader of the 75th recoilless rifle platoon, which was a tremendous weapon for Korea because it was a weapon that shot straight,” he said. “Four guys could carry the weapon and then we had we had backpacks that would carry the ammunition. It was exciting work.”

Exciting, and sometimes frightening. 

“You don’t want to let anybody know that you’re scared. That’s not the point,” McCamic added. “You’re gonna do what you have to do and Marines, that’s what the Marines do. They do what they have to do. Scared? Of course they’re scared.” 

After six months in Korea, McCamic applied to return home, but his commanding officer had other plans. 

“He said ‘if you just hang on I’ll get you some 90 millimeter guns’,” McCamic recalled with a smile.

Finally McCamic did return home, receiving awards for his actions. 

He’s proud of his service, and the men he served with.

“Finest thing I ever did,” he said.  

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