BELLAIRE, Ohio (WTRF) – DIY. It’s a term that has become quite common in the past decade, but in the past year alone the do-it-yourself community built themselves a following.

Now, because of social media, many others feel goals that were once a shot in the dark, have become completely attainable.

7News anchor Shelby Davis took an exclusive look behind the scenes with a couple who did what even they thought was impossible and turned it into their reality.

It’s all very surreal. I honestly can’t believe it’s happening to us of all people.

Amber Skvarka, Bellaire Resident

The pandemic took us all by surprise, turning everyone’s world upside down, but for one Ohio Valley couple, the slowing down of their small business actually opened the door to their biggest accomplishment.

My husband and I were looking for a house, and we weren’t really picky on the neighborhood, but we were looking at move-in ready houses. Nothing was really up to our standard of what we wanted.

Amber Skvarka, Bellaire Resident

They found a foreclosed home in a great neighborhood that needed a lot of work. Even though the couple saved up for a decade to find the right contractor for the job, they had a little extra time on their hands.

I just got an estimate for a job and I thought we could save a little bit of money if we do this job ourselves. So, we researched it on YouTube, tried it, we failed. We tried it again and eventually we figured it out.

Amber Skvarka, Bellaire Resident

So the couple who had never done any kind of remodeling in their life took on the task.

Like many in the past year-they turned to TikTok as a testimonial to themselves. Not to do dances, but instead to inspire others.

The turning point was when we started to share the results of the rooms and everybody was as shocked as we were about how they turned out.

Amber Skvarka, Bellaire Resident

Five videos later, Amber used her voice to walk viewers through the steps of her bathroom update.

And boom. 10 million views! An Earth-shattering number and something the couple, now better known as DIYDesignerDuo, consider life changing.

I wanted to document it to show others like ‘hey, you don’t have to hire someone to lay your floors or add a backsplash to your kitchen’. These are things that are just totally possible if you just take the time to try to do it.

Amber Skvarka, Bellaire Resident

In less than a year the couple has their house nearly complete, but decided they weren’t ready to stop. So, they closed on another home in Shadyside and are working to make their dream happen for someone else.

It started out as a way to save money, and it’s kind of tuned into a way of live for us at this point.

Amber Skvarka, Bellaire Resident

Now DIYDesignerDuo is being sponsored by large companies who send them their products to test out on their various platforms.

You can follow along with Amber and Trey on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube at @DIYDesignerDuo. YouTube is where the couple shares their day-to-day journey.