WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — We’re now just one week away from a consequential midterm election and both Democrats and Republicans are ramping things up to try and energize voters.

The direction of the country for at least the next two years will be decided by next week’s election. Voters will decide if Republicans or Democrats will seize power in Congress and in key governor positions.

A ‘red wave’ is expected for many races and Democrats are campaigning hard to try and hold the line.

President Joe Biden has stops in Florida, New Mexico and Pennsylvania during his busy schedule one week before Election Day.

On Tuesday in Florida, home to the country’s second largest population of Americans 65 and older, the president warned if Republicans take control of Congress, they could slash Social Security and Medicare benefits.

“We’re making real progress,” Biden said. “I believe hard work should be rewarded. And I believe that we should leave no one behind.”

In contrast, he highlighted Democrats’ efforts to lower costs for seniors.

“Medicare premiums are going to be down,” Biden said.

He’s not the only one pushing that message in the final stretch. Former President Barack Obama is also crisscrossing the country to rally Democrats to the polls.

“I am here to ask you to vote,” Obama said. “They want to gut Social Security and Medicare and then give some more tax breaks to the wealthy.”

Keith Schipper with the Republican National Committee says voters are fed up with record high inflation and is confident Republicans are poised to take back control of the House next week.

“Let’s be clear, this has been the boogie man that Democrats have trotted out every time they’ve been on the verge of losing elections,” Schipper said. “It’s a sign of their desperation because they’re going to lose.”

The Republican party is not taking their lead in the polls for granted. Right now, party leaders are also ramping up their travel schedules to ensure every voter, especially undecided independents, get to the polls by Tuesday night.