Steubenville, Ohio (WTRF)- Hundreds of Franciscan University of Steubenville students will take a big stand against abortion in Washington D.C.

Along with University President Father Dave Pivonka, they’re returning for the 49th March for Life, including pro-life student advocate Niklas Koehler.

“If the pro-life movement shows up, we would basically be making a stand. We would be saying: ‘Despite all that’s been going on with COVID, we’re willing to still stand for life’.”

Niklas Koehler, president of Franciscan University’s Students for Life club

Koehler and 300 other FUS students are going. It’s something they couldn’t go to last year due to COVID. Instead, it was all virtual. Only a small group of anti-abortion leaders made the march.

Meanwhile this year, things are back to in-person.

And by going this year, the FUS students are there to defend pro-life.

“I hope to send a message of celebration of life, not just the defense of it, which is a very crucial part.”

Katie Valenty, sophomore

While students like Grace Shoemaker have another motive to going.

“This year what really got me going for it was that we haven’t gone last year at least, and especially this year it’s specially important because Roe v. Wade has the potential to be overturned very soon.”

Grace Shoemaker, sophomore

The students going will join other pro-life supporters on the march Friday. They’ll start on National Road and end at the US Supreme Court building.

Franciscan University students have been involved in DC’s March for Life since the 70s. It began with four freshmen at the then-College of Steubenville and quickly grew through the years.