WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – The California Senate race is nearly two years away and sitting Senator Dianne Feinstein hasn’t announced if she will seek re-election. But other Democrats are already preparing to run.

With the midterm elections barely behind us, Congresswoman Katie Porter announced she’s running for senate in 2024 and promises to take on Wall Street, Big Oil and Big Pharma.

“California needs a warrior,” Porter said in an ad. “I use whatever power I have to speak hard truths to the powers that be.”

Porter’s announcement comes before any word whether current Senator Feinstein plans to seek re-election.

Fellow Democrats like Congressman Lou Correa say Senator Feinstein deserves respect.

“We have to give her the respect that an individual, a senator, a California representative that has done a great job – deserves,” Rep. Correra (D-CA) said.

The California senate race is expected to be a crowded one and other Democrats who could run include Adam Schiff and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who reportedly told members of the Congressional Black Caucus she intends to run.

Congressman Ro Khanna is also considering his own run but says he’s waiting for a formal announcement from Barbara Lee.

“I’m first going to wait to see what she does,” Khanna (D-CA) said. “We don’t have a single African American woman in the senate and Barbara lee has been an icon of mine, a personal friend of mine.”

In a statement, Congresswoman Lee said California deserves a senator with a record of accomplishment and said the Senate is sorely lacking the presence of people of color but says right now she’s focused on helping Californians in this extreme weather.