The Detroit Police Department (DPD) said it had arrested an arson suspect on Tuesday, August 23, after footage was released that showed a man starting a fire inside a gas station convenience store on Tuesday morning.

According to Click on Detriot, the man started the fire because he was angry over the smell of a Swisher Sweets cigar he had purchased and the person working the counter refused to exchange it.

Security-camera footage from inside the store shows a man entering, pouring out a bucket filled with an unknown flammable substance and igniting it before fleeing the scene.

The footage was posted online at 2.19 pm by Project Green Light Detroit, a crime-reduction initiative that links the police department to real-time cameras inside over 400 local businesses. Just 20 minutes later, the DPD said a suspect had been taken into custody.

“Great work by our arson investigators who tracked down the suspect, leading to an arrest in this case,” DPD wrote.

Credit: Project Green Light Detroit via Storyful