New York City has released A Public Service Announcement on what to do if the city would have a nuclear attack.

The PSA begins with a woman saying “So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why, just know that the big one has hit.’

There are three steps that the PSA hits on for people to follow if a nuclear attack occurs:

  1. Get Inside
    1. Get inside fast, your friends and family need to get inside.
    2. Staying in the car is not an option.
    3. Also, stay away from the windows
  2. Stay Inside
    1. Shut all doors and windows.
    2. Have a basement, get there. If not get into the middle of the building
    3. Get clean immediately, if you were outside during the blast. Remove and bag all outer clothing to keep radioactive dust and ash away from your body
    4. Shower with soap or shampoo
  3. Stay Tuned
    1. Follow media for more information
    2. Officals will send emergency alerts
    3. Stay inside until officials say its safe.

The video was published on Youtube under the NYC Emergency Management