A police officer in Sunrise, Florida, has been charged with assault on a fellow officer, after he grabbed her by the throat, the Broward State Attorney announced on July 21.

The incident in question was captured by bodycam footage, which shows a man being led in handcuffs by several police officers to a police car.

The Miami Herald cited police reports that identified the man as Jean Similien, who was accused of punching another man in the face. When the police tell him to enter the vehicle, he does not, saying he can’t because the officer is pulling his handcuffs.

Eventually, the suspect enters the vehicle whereupon Officer Christopher Pullease tells him “You f**king want to play f**king games? You’re playing with the wrong motherf**ker!” The suspect responds: “You gonna to mace me, mace me.” Officer Pullease tells the suspect not to disrespect the officer and shouts “I’ll remove your f**king soul from your f**king body!”

At this point a female officer runs over and pulls Pullease back from the suspect by his belt. Pullease turns around and grabs the female officer by the throat saying “Don’t ever f**king touch me again.” He walks away telling the female officer “I’ll f**king see you in about five minutes.”

The Broward State Attorney, Harold F Pryor announced that Pullease is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, tampering with evidence on his cellphone, assault on a law enforcement officer, and assault on a civilian male.

Sunrise Police Department said Pullease had been on administrative leave since the incident.

Credit: Sunrise Police Department via Storyful