(WTRF) — It’s Friday the 13th. Have you had any problems today? 

Traditionally, it’s not a lucky day, in fact people expect to have bad luck today if they break a mirror, open an umbrella inside, and walk underneath a ladder. Now, whether you are superstitious or not, you must admit Friday the 13th keeps people on their toes.  

According to biblical tradition the number resembles the 13 guests who attended the Last Supper. Which in turn, lead to the crucifixion of Jesus and what you may know as Good Friday.   

Western Culture historically associated the number 13 with misfortunate and the number displaying bad luck has been present in time as far back as the eye can see.  

So much so that Friday the 13th has become an American Horror Franchise, creating twelve slasher films, a TV series, novels, comic books, and the list goes on.   

But how present is the fear of this unlucky day in your life? We spoke with some people right here in the Ohio Valley to see if they are superstitious and why.   

I don’t really believe in it that much you know?

Brady Childers

I’m retired and I did not even know it was Friday the 13th.

Dawn Cash

Friday the 13th doesn’t scare me at all. I had my first child on Friday the 13th

Penny Kenamond

Oh yeah every time it’s Friday the 13th or see a black cat… Friday the 13th doesn’t bother me.

Edward Nowalowski

It’s just another day to me.

Anthony Spike Wells