WOOD COUNTY, Texas (WTRF) – You’ve heard “Luck of the Irish”, but what about luck of the grasshopper?

An Ohio man said he feels lucky after discovering an extremely rare pink grasshopper.

Dirk Parker is from Tippecanoe, Ohio; but he’s currently working in East Texas. 

While out on a walk, he recently spotted this pink grasshopper, now affectionately known as “Pinky”. 

First thing that went through my mind was ‘if I had my fishing pole, he would be bait!’.

Dirk Parker, Found Pink Grasshopper

Parker said he took a few pictures and went back to his hotel, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Pinky. So, he turned to the internet and discovered just how rare his find was.

So, after a phone call to his Dad, Parker decided to go back the next day in search of the pink grasshopper.

I could of cried. It said you have a 1% chance of ever seeing one of these in your life. I saw him, took pictures of him and I literally let him go!

Dirk Parker, Found Pink Grasshopper

Parker told 7News he went and played the lottery right after that, hoping his luck would continue.

Photo courtesy of Dirk Parker

He also spoke to a professor at the University of Texas who told him Pinky would not have a high chance of survival in the wild. The pink color makes it easy for predators to spot, which is why seeing such a large pink grasshopper is extra rare.

Wasn’t a bird that got him or a snake or anything like that, it was me! And I ain’t letting him go. They (the professor) said you can keep him. I’m going to keep him. I got him a little cage and everything, so when I’m working on the job he goes with me. He ain’t leaving my sight.

Dirk Parker, Found Pink Grasshopper

Parker said he thought about giving Pinky to a zoo or insect exhibit, but doesn’t want his rare find to go just anywhere.

So, now the pair are inseparable.

When Parker comes home to Ohio, Pinky will be coming too and hopefully the luck of the grasshopper will continue!