(WTRF) Former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Willams said he didn’t get a deal with the fast food chain Wendy’s because of his use of marijuana.

Williams, who is frequently on The Dan Le Batard Show with StuGotz podcast, said he had an opportunity to work with Wendy’s while in Texas.

‘We pretty much had the deal signed,’ said Williams.

Willaims says that because the Texas Longhorns were going to compete against the Alabama Crimson Tide, the CEO of Wendy’s decided to make a trip to Austin, Texas.

‘When he heard that Ricky Williams was representing Wendy’s, he said, isn’t that the football player that smoked pot.’ Williams said on the podcast.

Williams said he then ‘nixed’ the deal but said he thinks ‘it’s cool.’

‘It’s part of the story, in a couple of years, when all these companies have to start marketing to cannabis consumers, I’ll have this story to tell, said Williams.

Williams said he argued that half of Wendy’s employees and half the people that consume Wendy’s are ‘high’