WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Governor Jim Justice continues his push to reduce West Virginia’s personal income tax by 10%.

He was in Wheeling on Friday to discuss it with the public in Centre Market, and then visited 7News for an exclusive interview on the topic.

All the states that have no income tax, the population will have to drive through us to get to them. We can do this today. With all that being said, it will take maybe not years and years and years, but it will take a few years to eradicate it. If people on the outside believe that, then they will come here.

Governor Jim Justice

In previous statements, Governor Justice had indicated that about $254 million will be going back to West Virginians with the reduction. Since that is in percentages essentially the more you pay in taxes the more you get back.

7News asked the Governor if he believes that’s still the best way to help West Virginians who are struggling.

It is. We can do more to help people that are struggling. My original plan a year ago was to do tax rebates to people that weren’t even paying income taxes.

Today that 10% is just really a way to combat people that are really suffering from the inflation situation that’s going on and get money right back in our taxpayers hands tomorrow.

Governor Jim Justice

West Virginia Governor says people don’t understand what they’re voting for with Amendment 2

We also asked Governor Justice what is the time frame to see this issue move forward after he indicated that more conversations needed to be had with legislators and other leaders. He said “tomorrow”.

Governor Justice said right now he is focused on making sure Amendment 2, which would give the Legislature control of a percentage of personal property taxes.

He explained that many Senate and House members “didn’t realize” the magnitude of what they were voting for and that many feel different today.

I hate to say it, but in this area Charleston doesn’t know in a lot of ways you exist. You’re so far away it’s unbelievable.

Governor Jim Justice

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