In late July, four main water lines broke in Pine Grove.

Since then, homes and businesses have either had only a trickle of water or no water at all.

Since then, officials and volunteers have been scrambling to fix the problem and help the residents.

They say it’s a 40-year-old water system, and as soon as they fixed one valve, another one broke.

They have a plan in place in case of fire.

“Right now they have it set up where if there’s a fire in the Town of Pine Grove, you’re sending every fire department on the Shortline plus Wileyville to begin with,” said Steve Yoho, Wetzel County EMA director. “And then if it gets worse, we’ll go farther out, send even more departments. The city and the local fire department have been going door to door, delivering water. And then some people have been stopping here at the Byrd Center to pick it up.”

At the Byrd Center, they have bottled spring water and also non-potable water outside in a water buffalo that people can use to flush toilets, etc.

They have also been delivering porta jons to people.

“We have one area that’s up on a hill and there’s no water pressure at all up there,” said Sandra Hurst, town recorder. “So we went up there with porta jons because there are a lot of kids living up there. So we put a lot of porta jons on Simpson Hill.”

They say they are repairing one last break, and water service should be restored soon.