WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — There have been more than a total of 1500 graduates over the span of 31 years and the Leadership West Virginia Class of 2022 joined alumni and others at a reception Wedneday night held in their honor.

The Health Plan hosted Wednesday’s event to kick-off the three day event being held in Wheeling.

There are 46 people from across West Virginia who were selected to join the ranks of such a select organization.

This week’s event is a session on the justice system.

There are total of seven sessions including learning about the health care industry, tourism, education and city government.

Leadership West Virginia Executive Director Pam Farris had this to say about the many wonderful benefits of being part of this program.

Our focus is to make sure you know everything about the state of West Virginia so you could be an advocate and you can make a difference. What is affords each of the individuals in this class is to get to know 40 some other people who they probably would not have met or had exposure to or even got to know based based on their careers and what they do.

Pam Farris, Executive Director Leadership WV

The Class of 2022 will graduate later this year in November on the last day of their last session which is about city government and will be held on the campus of the Culture Center at the capital in Charleston.