St. Matthews Episcopal Church is presenting A Concert For Ukraine Tuesday evening.

Their choir and organist will be joined by many other notable musicians.

The music will range from musical theater to contemporary classical.

The Voice of Spirit Choir from Duquesne University will perform, along with tenor soloist Edward Washington.

There will be a cantata, a violin soloist, and poems and prayers.

Then they will all join in the Ukrainian National Anthem.

“Learning that anthem, which is a very stirring piece of music, the first line is ‘Ukraine has not yet perished,’ “ said Robert Troeger, St. Matthews’ organist. “And so it is a call to humanity and a call to solidarity, and we’ve all joined with that. And it has been a bit of a challenge because it is in Ukrainian and the Ukrainians use the Cyrillic alphabet.”

The singers are learning it by transliteration—transferring each word from one alphabet to another.

Here’s how you can support Ukraine.

Donations will go to the Episcopal Relief and Development.

And they say every penny will go to help the Ukrainian people.