During the school year, one person students can rely on every single day is their bus driver. 

“The little guys, it’s like the first person they see if their bus driver and they are like ‘Hey, good morning!’ You know? And, they can’t wait to get home and tell mom and dad, you know, ‘So and so told me this today!’ And you can actually see towards the end of the year, they’ll bring the driver a card, you know, ‘Thank you for being my bus driver,” and things, so it’s very rewarding, but it is something we take very seriously, obviously, and we want to get them there – to school and home safely – and with a big smile on their face.”

Harry Midcap – Transportation Supervisor for Marshall County Schools

Unfortunately, these interactions are becoming rare due to a bus driver shortage in nearly all 55 counties. 

In past years in Marshall County, there have been 15 to 20 substitute bus drivers. This may sound like a lot, but even then, they fell short. 

Today, Marshall County Schools have 3 substitute bus driver positions, and two of them are up for bid. 

Having to figure out how they can run nearly 70 routes per day, transportation supervisor for Marshall County Schools, Harry Midcap, says that they have newly implemented driver training in the morning, afternoon, and evening to properly accommodate anyone who may be interested. 

“Now – it’s a critical point. We have to do something, so that’s why we put on the new trainers, and hopefully, we can get some help with that.”

Harry Midcap – Transportation Supervisor for Marshall County Schools

The main issue many counties are seeing is that interested individuals are unaware of the time involved in training. 

However, it is this training period that ensures the schools in our area have the best and safest drivers for children going to school, which is why they have more training opportunities. 

“We pay for, like, their training and everything, so it’s really – it’s win/win. It just takes a little bit of their time.”

Harry Midcap – Transportation Supervisor for Marshall County Schools

The Marshall County School’s webpage provides information and applications for anyone interested in helping out and making an impact on students’ daily lives. 

Harry also says that anyone interested in helping out is more than welcome to stop at the County Office for assistance in getting their applications in if necessary.