WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — He’s been West Virginia’s top lawyer for more than a decade, and now he’s seeking the state’s highest office.

Patrick Morrisey took the podium at the Bridge Tavern to lay out his platform on just the second day of his campaign.

Joined by state lawmakers Mark Zatezalo and Ryan Weld, Attorney General Morrisey told the crowd what a West Virginia under Governor Morrisey would look like.

While striking some familiar notes on opioids and gun rights, he also touched on topics that rarely came up during his tenure as AG.

Social issues and education were the centerpiece of his speech, saying he wants school choice to grow dramatically and to move toward a family-oriented agenda.

Right now our families are under attack from the federal government, inflation is ravaging our state, we need to give those people relief, and we need to look out for them.

Atty. Gen. Patrick Morrisey, (R)-Candidate for WV Governor

He vowed to focus on what he calls the country’s ‘culture war,’ saying what we think of as national issues are also West Virginia issues.

Morrisey specifically gave his support for the Save Women’s Sports Act, which is being challenged right now at the federal level.

There are people that want to have biological males play sports with women. And that would ruin women’s sports. I’m proud to stand up and fight against that, that’s why I’m up at the Supreme Court now.

Atty. Gen. Patrick Morrisey, (R)-Candidate for WV Governor

His topics weren’t just limited to the Mountain State either.

He didn’t spare any criticism for the Biden Administration or the current indictment of Donald Trump, calling it a quote “witch hunt,” and supported forming a coalition of red states against federal power.

It’s sending a message that the woke ideas, and anti-freedom initiatives, they stop at the border.

Atty. Gen. Patrick Morrisey, (R)-Candidate for WV Governor

Morrisey acknowledged that the race for governor is heating up fast.

But says his record as attorney general sets him apart and will help bring us back to what he calls conservative West Virginia values.

The attorney general’s tour has already made its way through the Eastern Panhandle and Charleston, and continues into Lewisburg Thursday.