Washington D.C. (WTRF) – Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling in the NYSRPA v Bruen case comes just days following major progress in the United States Senate on a new piece of gun control legislation.

The bill has been titled the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.” It will, in part, make it more difficult for adults ages 18 to 21 to purchase firearms by enhancing and possibly lengthening background checks. It will also prevent those convicted of domestic violence against current or recent dating partners from purchasing a firearm; closing what some call the “Boyfriend Loophole.”

It also provides 750 million dollars to states that can be used to implement red flag laws and other crisis intervention services.

Capito is one of 14 Senate Republicans to support it. She believes the public response to both the bill and her vote for it are the result of confusion surrounding the proposed law.

“This does not create red flag laws. West Virginia, specifically, has passed a law that would prevent red flag laws, and that prevention of red flag laws will stay in place.”

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va.

According to Capito, the Mountain State could benefit from the proposed law, as it would make West Virginia eligible for a variety of government grants for things like drug and mental health courts. She says this will allow law abiding gun owners to continue to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, and will help citizens suffering from mental health issues to get the treatment they need.

Those grants can however be used by other states to implement red flag laws.

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