Wheeling, W.VA. (WTRF) -Comedian Whitney Cummings was on The Late Late Show with James Corden Monday night and one of the topics discussed was her finding out she’s from West Virginia.

How do you feel about Whitneys jokes

In the segment, Cummings says after her father passed she was going through records and discovered that she wasn’t from Western Virginia but West Virginia.

Cummings then asks Corden if he knows West Virginia.

Corden responds ” I don’t.”

Cummings then responds saying ” there’s a big difference between Virginia and West Virginia, like four chromosomes difference, it’s like the skin tag of Virginia.”

Among other jokes that Cummings makes is that ” It’s (West Virginia) like the taint of Kentucky.”

She also adds she now has “hillbilly DNA.”

You can check out the full segment above.

(Video is from CBS)