(WTRF)–The Utica Energy Alliance and seventeen other organizations signed a letter and sent it to President Joe Biden Wednesday.  

Officials say the partnership was made to tell President Biden that the United States’ natural gas and oil industry is committed to providing low-cost, low carbon energy to the world. 

Adrienne Robbins is the spokesperson for Utica Energy Alliance. 

She says the American Exploration Production Council reached out to them about the letter and she says right away, they were on board.  

It’s always this concern when there is this negative connotation around the natural gas and oil industry and this idea that we are hurting the climate… Nothing could be further from the truth. The natural oil and gas industry in the United State is one of the most well-regulated industries in the world. So, when we shut off production or close down production of domestic energy here in the United State, that actually hurts our climate goals.

Adrienne Robbins, Spokesperson, Utica Energy Alliance 

Robbins says the letter itself is just a reminder to President Biden and the White House that we have plenty of natural resources and domestic energy here in the United States.  

They believe that it is in our best interest as a state and country to use those resources.