OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)– As grocery shelves continue to lack baby formula, experts say there are no good alternatives.  

The national baby formula shortage has left parents and guardians to investigate where to find the products.

78,000 pounds of infant formula arrives in US

On social media many people have been sharing their ideas of “acceptable alternatives,” if you are unable to get the formula your baby needs.  

However pediatric physician assistant, Amanda Wade say it is not that simple.  

“Unfortunately for the infinite population, there is no good alternative right now. We, unfortunately, are urging people not to dilute their formula or make homemade formulas because it could actually cause the kids to become ill.

There are certain kids who can only tolerate specific formulas as well, and they may require hypoallergenic formula or hydrolyzed protein formula. So really what the best bet is to try to find a comparable product among the different brands.”

Amanda Wade, Physician Assistant, Pediatrics, Reynolds Memorial Hospital, WVU Medicine

Wade says formula is called formula for a reason.  

Parents band together to find a solution to the baby formula shortage

She says it is a very precise formula made up of macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  

According to Wade, alternatives like cow milk should not be used because consumed in large quantities since this could cause complications.  

She says it is not as simple as it sounds, you cannot just mix up stuff to satisfy hunger.

She says so much more goes into it.