WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Governor Jim Justice picked up a gold and blue shovel and put it to dirt at the official groundbreaking ceremony for the Streetscape Project right on Market Street in Wheeling.

”Wheeling is going to stand very proud,” said Gov. Justice. “They’ve always stood proud, but they’re going to stand very proud now because this will be the jumpstart that really propels this community in a great, great, great way.”

The Streetscape Project.  

That’s what Governor Jim Justice said knows will set Wheeling apart in this state. 

Mayor Glenn Elliott agrees that this project could not come at a better time, and that Wheeling’s eventual new look will lead to more tourism, residents, and businesses. 

”Now you get off I-70, you come into Downtown Wheeling and you’re going to have a streetscape that matches all that work and looks just so much more inviting than what we have right now.”

Mayor Glenn Elliott – Mayor of Wheeling

This $32 million project that will drastically improve Wheeling’s roads, sidewalks and more officially began today by putting gold and blue shovels to dirt. 

”But honest to God, you had to have a four-wheeler to be able to drive around here,” said Gov. Justice reflecting on his first visit to Wheeling. “I mean, that’s just all there is to it and so, to see what’s happening now – yeah, it makes me really proud.”

Of course he didn’t stand alone – Baby Dog was proudly by his side, along with Mayor Elliott who says he feels honored to share this day with the Governor. 

”Any time you’re standing at the podium next to the governor, it’s probably a really good day for your city or your state,” said Mayor Elliott. “Wonderful day for the city. I can’t thank him enough. This project wouldn’t have gotten over the finish line if he didn’t step up, so I give him a lot of credit.”

”We want beauty and good roads and absolutely, just – all this is going to bring goodness beyond belief to this great community.”

Gov. Jim Justice – (R) West Virginia

The Streetscape Project is set to be finished in two years by November of 2024.