CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WTRF) — West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (R) announced updated COVID numbers at his briefing Monday and addressed the car tax, children’s COVID vaccines and Amendment 2.

Justice said there were 14 additional COVID deaths in the state and this group included a 100-year-old man from Harrison County. There are now 802 active cases with 564 new ones.

The governor said he does not support mandated vaccines for children.

“West Virginia will not mandate COVID vaccines for kids,” said Justice.

He said the COVID vaccine should be a choice that parents and families make for children and that he plans to prevent the federal government or state legislature from mandating these vaccines.

He did add that that the omicron COVID booster is now available for people 12 and older, and he recommends that people 50 or older be boosted.

Justice also discussed Amendment 2.

Amendment 2 proposes that 27% of West Virginia’s personal property taxes would be controlled by the state legislature. That would allow the Legislature to eliminate property taxes on business machinery, equipment and inventory. On Election Day, voters can vote for or against it.

West Virginia Governor says people don’t understand what they’re voting for with Amendment 2

Justice is strongly opposed to Amendment 2, which would be added to West Virginia’s State Constitution if passed.

“Shoot that down…it’s driven by lobbyists, the swamp. It is not rewarding the hardworking people of West Virginia,” said Justice.

He also noted that the state car tax would already be eliminated through his proposed rebate program.

Although he concedes that his businesses would benefit from Amendment 2, he still remains strongly opposed to it.

“My companies would gain millions from Amendment 2, and I’m telling you not to do it,” said the Justice.