WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you live in the Wild and Wonderful Mountain State, you might not be happy about this next story. 

West Virginia was just ranked 50th for the highest share of adult depression.

WalletHub’s new study doesn’t think happiness is subjective. It just placed West Virginia dead last out of the happiest states in America.

Sleep, sports, suicide, work hours, Long-term unemployment, income growth, volunteerism, divorce: In all of those categories, West Virginia is not in the top 10 best nor worst states. 

So, what makes us so unhappy? 

It quite frankly comes down happiness’s antonym. “Depression” is a steady state of lowness and some professionals in West Virginia say this lowness really is a commonplace in its people. 

Yes. Every day all day. I’m not surprised. We don’t have a lot of access to mental healthcare and we’re pretty high-ranking on poverty levels and substance abuse.

Kayla Mansfield, Nurse Practitioner for Reynolds

There are a lot of theories about how happiness works. If you chase it, it may become more elusive. 

But should the state be investing in it? 

“There’s not a lot of resources because there’s not a lot of funding. There’s not too many places you can go.” 

Kayla Mansfield, Nurse Practitioner for Reynolds

You could take these stats about states and… run. 

“For some people, West Virginia is very depressing, especially for those who have been out of work for so long. Going somewhere where they can find employment, sure, that would definitely benefit a lot of people.” 

Kayla Mansfield, Nurse Practitioner for Reynolds

Or you can make these Country Roads your oyster and treat this study as a wake-up call. 

“The important thing is finding something that is going to benefit you while you’re here. It may be a career change. I think there are plenty of opportunities if you look. It may be uncomfortable but sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone.” 

Kayla Mansfield, Nurse Practitioner for Reynolds

The question remains, are you happy? People must really embrace their slogan ‘Life Elevated’ in Utah, because that state came in first! 

The nurse at Reynolds says the first step to happiness is an uncomfortable one. It’s talking with someone and making a change.