WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — This Christmas, the glow of tree lights may turn into the glow of flashlights.

Thanks to wind speeds of 40 plus miles per hour in certain areas, we’re faced with the possibility of a holiday without illumination—or even heat.

But even in the bitter cold and at the most wonderful time of the year, AEP line workers are still planning on heading out to get our power back as quickly as possible.

They are continuing to make preparations throughout the week, and they will be there and they will be ready when and if a weather event does come.

Joelle Moray, External Affairs Manager, AEP

The power company says the good news is that the forecast has mellowed from initial projections.

But there are still ways we can make the crews’ sub-zero work easier.

First, if you’re using a generator, have it directly connected to the appliance you want to power.

If it’s connected to your panel box, the backfeed can make for extreme danger for workers.

And if you come across one of those downed power lines, you can keep others from touching what could be a live wire.

Please assume that it is energized and that it can be dangerous, and so you want to either call the power company or you can also call 911 if you come across a downed line.

Joelle Moray, External Affairs Manager, AEP

Also—now is the time to plug things in.

When the power’s off, you won’t want to use that phone light, so find a flashlight and some batteries.

Your space heater will also need to be in a well-ventilated area where you can keep a close eye on it.

And above anything else, plan for some patience for the people leaving their own Christmas celebrations to power ours.

So understanding that these folks, they are leaving their families, they’re leaving their homes as well to come out to restore power.

Joelle Moray, External Affairs Manager, AEP

You don’t even need to call someone anymore if you do lose power.

You just need to pull up the Appalachian Power app in West Virginia—-another reason why it’s important to keep your devices charged.