CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — We are now in week five of Gov. Jim Justice’s plan to gradually reopen the state’s economy.

Justice noted the plan is working.

Business reopening in the last week — including indoor dining, Hatfield and McCoy Trails, and whitewater rafting — are reporting a good Memorial Day weekend.

“I can tell you as far as our comeback, you know and our reopening, that seems to be going very, very well. You know we are trying to do that, while monitoring, I’ve said, over and over and over,” said Gov. Jim Justice, R-West Virginia.

And Justice says there’s been no significant increase in COVID-19 cases, as the state’s positive test rate hovers just above 2%, one of the nation’s lowest.

There is one new hot-spot. More than one-thousand inmates and employees of the Huttonsville Correctional Facility on Randolph County have been tested. There were 39 positive cases discovered in the facility.

“We are doing our best as we enter phase two, where we do now have positives in our facilities. To be proactive and to protect the health of both our inmate population and of course our staff who is on the front line every day,” said Commissioner Betsy Jividen, of the WV Division of Corrections.

Meanwhile, new businesses reopening today include bars at 50% capacity and state campgrounds to West Virginia residents only.

“The governor says it will be several more days before they have exact numbers on just how well the West Virginia economy did Memorial Day weekend, and that will give him a better idea of where the state budget deficit stands,” said Mark Curtis 13 News Chief Political Reporter.

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