MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) The Marshall County Fair continues this week.  

Fair participants spent Sunday moving in their project and getting settled in for the busy week.   

4-H members work for months getting their projects ready for the big show.  

Those who brought livestock, which consist of lambs, pigs and cattle, took their turns weighing in their animals.  

Holly Strope says this is her first year showing lambs and she’s hoping to bring home a win.  

Some people don’t understand how much work it actually takes because we’re out there for hours busting our butts trying to do good at the fair.

We are with D and A Club Lambs. My sister and her best friend started up the lamb business just last year and they actually did phenomenal last year. So we’re hoping for another good year and we have seven lambs down here.

Holly Strope, D and A Club Lambs 

The livestock auction takes place on the last day, Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.  

At the Marshall County Fair, you can walk through barns and see all the animals and then head down the midway and grab a bite to eat. 

Sunday night is the Derby, followed by countless other shows, live music, and events this coming week.