WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF) – Many blue-collar workers struggle to make their career goals a reality after their education due to lack of money.  

That’s why West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore created the JumpStart Savings Program.  

The JumpStart Savings program is the first of its kind in the entire nation and is fully dedicated to the blue-collar workforce in the mountain state to keep funds for post-education needs.  

JumpStart is a state-administered savings account that includes state tax advantages for skilled tradespeople.

Much like a college savings account, Jump Start is a place where employers, schools, parents and really anyone can contribute to a person’s career success.  

As contributions are made to the account, the account holder is then able to deduct that from their income taxes with a maximum deduction of $25,000 a year.  

“The Jumpstart Savings program allows individuals to be able to save for tools, equipment, licenses, certifications and new business startup costs and really anything relevant to the degree that they have gotten from the program they’ve graduated from, they can use this on.” 

Riley Moore | West Virginia State Treasurer

Eligibility is reliant on a degree from a trade program like the ones provided at West Virginia Northern Community College.  

Moore was at WVNCC Wheeling campus today presenting this new program and explaining all of its benefits.   

Moore mentioned his run for Congress during his presentation and said if elected, he hopes to make the JumpStart Savings a national program. 

While on campus, Moore was given a tour of the welder’s lab and got to see firsthand some of the work student’s complete day to day.