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With three West Virginia Supreme Court Justices headed to a Senate impeachment trial, 7News spoke to West Virginia Senate Majority Whip Ryan Weld about what’s next. 

Senator Weld (R-Brooke) said he, the Senate Judiciary Chairman, Senate President and staff attorneys from both sides have been spending time over the last few weeks putting together rules for the trial. 

“This hasn’t been done in a very long time and there’s not a dusty binder on the bookshelf that says you know ‘impeachment trial rules’ that we can just pick up,” Senator Weld explained. “There were some things that we had historical precedence to go off of, but a lot we had to go on working off of rules of criminal procedure, that sort of thing.”

The Senate will convene on Monday at noon to discuss and approve those rules. 

After that, Chief Justice Margaret Workman, Justice Beth Walker and Justice Allen Loughry will each have a separate impeachment trial in the Senate. 

“It will require a two-thirds vote to convict somebody of an article of impeachment,” Senator Weld said. “Then after that there will be a subsequent vote, which also will require two-thirds of the Senate and that is to disqualify that individual from running for office in the future.”

As far as when a trial or those votes could occur, Senator Weld said he doesn’t have a timeline because it will take some time to prepare.  

7News also spoke with Congressman David McKinley, the US Representative for WV’s District 1. He said that he’s disappointed that it had to come to this conclusion. “Did they make bad choices? Absolutely. Should they be held accountable? Absolutely. Should they get impeached over making a bad decision? I’m not so sure about that one. There must be more to it because I can’t imagine you would impeach someone for spending $100,000 to have their office renovated.” He also says that he thinks that there’s more to the story, and he wants to hear more about it.

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