OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s all in the family for bus drivers and those in the transportation department at Ohio County Schools, says Ohio County Schools Director of Operations David Crumm.

According to Crumm, the district has close to 20 current bus drivers who have family members with ties to the transportation department.

This includes workers who are current bus drivers, retired bus drivers or are training to become bus drivers.

The Gordon family has a husband a wife driving team, Scott and Charlene, with their son, Jeremiah, training to become a bus driver.

The Fugate family also has a tradition in the Ohio County Schools Transportation Department. Kitty Fugate retired after 30 years as a district bus driver and her husband, Kermit Fugate, was a district mechanic for 15 years. Their son, Doug Fugate, also joined the Ohio County Schools family, becoming a bus driver.

Now the third generation of Fugates is ready to climb aboard. Doug’s daughter, Audrey Fugate, is training to become a bus driver.

These are just a few of the families that work for the Ohio County Schools transportation team.

According to the district’s Facebook page, these are the others:

“The transportation department has a number of other family connections. Brothers Ray and Thomas Schuetz are Ohio County Schools bus drivers. Mike Auten and his daughter, Renee Ellis, and her cousin, Jerry Auten, serve as OCS bus drivers. Amy Coen-Mercer and her nephew, Logan Pickens, are bus drivers. OCS bus driver Liz Coss’s mother-in-law is retired driver Shirley Coss. Mike Bower and Roy Bower are cousins who serve as drivers. Dana Ullum is a current driver, and his brother, Derek, is a retired mechanic and sub driver.”