Operation Dry Water is in high gear this holiday weekend!

WV DNR will be out on the water in full force looking for boaters violating under the influence laws, as well as spreading awareness about the dangers associated with BUI.

Officials say the river will be packed with people enjoying the holiday and watching fireworks.

Officer J.B. Smith says before anyone starts their day on the water, they should have a pre-trip plan.

Let someone know the details of your plans for the day, and make sure your vessel has all the safety equipment you need.

We don’t want anybody operating a boat impaired and that’s the leading cause of accidents and fatalities in the country when it pertains to boating is alcohol, so we ask everybody to please use your due diligence; you know if you have too much to drink please get a driver.”

Officer J.B. Smith – WV DNR

He says no matter your holiday plans, just be safe and smart.