WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)–Empty shelves where baby formula used to be are causing panic for families across the country. People don’t know where to turn to get their hands on it. 

The nationwide baby formula shortage has caused hundreds of parents and guardians to team up for the better of their babies.    

U.S. baby formula shortage now a crisis for parents

Social media has become a popular resource for sharing tips, alternatives, and store locations where formulas are in stock.   

There is nothing on the shelf…okay next truck…next truck next truck. There has been nothing on the shelves of hers for months. It’s downright scary

Breanna Dietrich, Founder of Ohio Valley Formula Help Group

This Ohio County mother grew tired of showing up to empty shelves.   

That’s when she decided to make a Facebook group to help everyone hunt down the formula they need.  

It’s called Ohio Valley Formula Help and it has over 700 members.   

Breanna Dietrich is a mom of 5 and has a 10-month-old baby.   

She says the wait of not knowing how you are going to feed your child is devastating.   

The night that I started it was because I was tired of crying…going to every store to find one can of formula because I was almost out and there wasn’t any in the store that I could say, ’hey know where I can get this?’ So, I started the group, and I did not think it would go big. I just thought It would be a few of my friends. Just because we needed help.

Breanna Dietrich, Founder of Ohio Valley Formula Help Group

Several times a day the page is updated with which brands are in stock and where. 

Many people even buy for other families.  

In a time where many of you felt alone, Dietrich says the page created a support group. 

I had a mom reach out to me and said that because of me her kids ate. She has one that is a preemie. He is home now from the NICU. They can only use one type of formula. They tried the generic and he was back in the hospital sick.  And because of you I had a mom drive from Pittsburgh with two cans that she had left because her child is no longer on it and brought it to me.

Breanna Dietrich, Founder of Ohio Valley Formula Help Group

Another local resource has been the Gabriel Project.   

Faith Hicks, chapter coordinator says their phones have been ringing off the hook.

It’s doubled with the number of people calling us asking for formula. We have normally been able to work with individuals in our local areas. I had a phone call from Cincinnati, Ohio asking me for a particular formula. It is to a point where again they see it on a shelf because it is posted on Facebook but by the time people get to the location the shelves are empty.

But us by being able to post on Facebook we have actually been able to get donations. Families that no longer need the formula because their babies are now on milk. Families that have a brand that they no longer use. So we are getting some donations in, and we are being sure those are going to the right people who really need that brand.

Faith Hicks, Gabriel Project

Hicks says when you do have access to formula, only take what you need because there are so many babies who need to be fed.