WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — It was a brand new mix of two different kinds of ingredients.

It had never been done before, so we didn’t really know what to expect.

Stephanie Bugaj, Career and Technical Director, Ohio County Schools

The spatula joined forces with the soldering iron in Martinsburg this week, where the Department of Education held the first Culinary and Engineering Challenge, or ‘culineering.’

Nine schools brought two culinary students and two engineering students for Operation Christmas Crumble.

Wheeling Park students build 25-pound “Culineering” trophy

The Department of Education came up with the idea from a source as improbable as the idea itself.

The state director for CTE said he had been watching the ‘Baking Impossible’ show on Netflix. And he wanted to do a competition for Christmas similar to that.

Stephanie Bugaj, Career and Technical Director, Ohio County Schools

Here’s how it worked.
Students had to drive their own remote control robot through an obstacle course of gum drops, lights, and a sloping pit into mini marshmallows.

It was just a robot-driven Santa’s sled with a crane on the front of it to pick up gift boxes, and then they had to place them in front of the Christmas tree.

Aaron Fedorke, Pre-engineering and Machine Tool instructor

Those gift boxes were filled with holiday treats that were designed by the culinary students, who even whipped up a gingerbread sleigh.

Wheeling Park’s chefs took inspiration from both a classic cookie and classic rock.

We had a red velvet cake part, we had a chocolate ganache and cookies and cream filling, because our team name was Oreo Speedwagon, so we were kind of mimicking an Oreo for our dessert.

Jill Hillberry, ProStart instructor, Culinary Arts program

As if there weren’t enough disciplines involved—
The graphic design and marketing students also pitched in for the logo.

Their teachers say the excitement and effort they brought to it was something to see.

They had a good time. We didn’t come out in the top three but it was a really good learning experience. Something fun, different, light-hearted kind of competition they can do.

Jill Hillberry, ProStart instructor, Culinary Arts program

And one that proved they can blueprint something delicious again in the years to come.

A big congratulations goes out to the grand champions of the competition’s first year—Hundred High School.

They took named their team the Crumble Bots and they ended up taking home $5,000!