Electric vehicle charging stations are making their way to West Virginia in hopes of bringing more people to the Mountain State.

According to WCHS, The West Virginia Department of Transportation just completed a preliminary plan to add more electric charging stations to the state, anticipating receiving about $46 million over the next five years to help with development and infrastructure.

Over the next five years, about 900 charging stations will be installed along all West Virginia interstates, expanding the charging network, according to The West Virginia Department of Transportation.

“There are 200,000 charging stations across the country, but there are only about five in West Virginia, and there is no place to charge, even for people driving through from Ohio or North Carolina,” President and co-owner of Astorg Auto, Jamie Spears told WCHS.

A survey of the public done by the Department of Transportation indicated that 59% would support switching to electric vehicles while 41% said they would oppose it.

“Everybody’s scared, everybody is afraid to run out. It’s kind of like running out of gas. You run out of electricity, you sit on the side of the road, so there’s gotta be a place to charge,” Spears said reported WCHS.